Container Skate – For sea container cargo protection (patent pending)



- Immediate fix of sea containers to cargo worthy condition

- Improve the conditions of cargo transport


Overall result:

- Better availability of immediately usable empty containers

- Cargoes on customer on time and in good condition

- More efficient sea transportations and turn cycles

To Whom and Why?

Shipping lines:

- Direct cost savings

- M&R cost

- Reduced need to postition empty containers


- Cargo protection

- Availability of empty containers

 Port Operators:

- Indirect cost savings

- Reducement of empty container handlings

- Reducemnet of govenrnance and reporting of M&R cycle




Paperstuffing (and overall cargo stuffing)

- Container floor is totally isolated from cargo itself

- Condensing water doesn’t spoil the reels

- Risen floor bolts / nailheads doesn’t damage the cargo

- Side protection (lashing rings)

- Significant decrease on container washing and floor repairs

- No extra handlings (M&R cycle)

- Relatively low costs compared to washing

- Improved empty container rotation and container availability

- Easy to install. 100% recyclable


Helps shipping companies to cope with marine container shortage and produce better customer service.